Medical College hospital (MCH)
Medical College hospital (MCH)
Medical Superintendent
Dr. Mariraj Jeer, MD
Professor of Microbiology,VIMS, Bellary
Resident medical Officer (RMO)
Dr. Ravi Bheemappa MBBS, VIMS, Bellary

OPD - Working Hours

Week Days : 9-00 AM to 1-00 PM and 2-00 PM to 4-00 PM
Sundays & General Holidays :
9-00 AM to 1-00 PM.

Each faculty (Department) works in the OPD under the charge of a Professor, Each Professor is assigned one unit and is assisted by Assistant Professor, Lecturers, PGs and Interns. Each unit is allotted a particular day of the week in which it will work in the OPD.
Every outpatient seeking treatment is first registered and issued a OP booklet (costing Rs.10/-) for recording diagnosis, ordering investigations and treatment. Boards undertaking the unit on duty, along with the name of the Professor on various day are displayed on the outside of each respective OPD room. Wheel chairs and stretchers are available on request near the OPD counter & injection room for those patients who are not able to move or very sick (semi-conscious / Unconscious).Essential drugs are dispensed in the prescription of the attending Physician / Surgeon.

Services provided:

Sl. No.

Services available


  • Emergency ambulance services ( 24 hours)
  • 108 ambulance
  • VIP convoy ambulance

5 numbers
2 numbers
1 number


Intensive care units

  • Dept. of Pediatrics (PICU)


  • Dept. of Medicine (MICU)


  • Dept. of Surgery (SICU)



Ventilator availability

  • RICU

08 No.

  • SICU

01 No.

  • ICCU

04 No.

  • PICU

03 No.

  • NIC

04 No.


Wards (General)

Male   –   40
Females  –  40


Laparoscopic surgery



Free schemes available

  • Suvarna Arogya Suraksha scheme
  • Yeshasvinischeme
  • Chief Minister’s Relief Fund
  • Vajpayee Arogya Shree (VYAS)
  • SC/ST Free Scheme
  • Janani Shishu Suraksha Yojana
  • RashrtiyaSwasthyaBima Yojana (RSBY)
Specialized Investigations and Treatment Facilities :
  • •Ultra Sound Scanning
  • •Endoscopy
  • •Physiotherapy
  • •Sexual Medicine
  • •Neurosurgery
  • •Peadiatric Surgery
  • •Nephrology
  • •Urology
  • •Cardiology
  • •Plastic Surgery
  • •Psychiatry
  • •Counselling and treatment

The hospital has designated operation theatres in three floors – Ground Floor, first Floor &second Floor. All are air conditioned and have a back up of Diesel Generator to combat electricity failure or load shedding.
Floors Specialties
Ground Floor O.T. - General Surgery, ENT
I Floor - Orthopedic, Eye
II Floor - Neurosurgery,Urology, Laparoscopy.
on an average 10000 to 12000 operations are being done every year.
Anesthesia services:
For all types of routine cases, services are provided during working hours of the hospital by the qualified Anesthesia personnel (Professors, Asst. professors, Lecturers, Tutors, PGs and Interns) beside emergency services are also rendered round the clock. The department has sophisticated equipment’s as per the MCI norms too. It also runs a OPD pain relief clinic, thus attending to the needs of cancer and chronic pain patients. Further, the services are also extended to ICCU, GICU, and to all wards in case of any emergency calls.
Burns Ward:
The existing burns ward (for men and women) is renovated with glazed tiles and upgraded to suit the needs of burns patients. It accommodates 30 to 40 beds, receiving patients round the clock. Nutritious diet is provided to the patients.
The hospital extends financial assistance from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund towards meeting the investigation and drug charges for patients holding green ration cards and suffering from cancer, neurological, neuro surgical and nephrological problems and other incurable diseases.

Equipped with the latest sophisticated equipments, Medical Liquid Oxygen Cylinder/Plant installed, Central Pipe line gas connection for oxygen, air and vacuum, it caters critically ill cardiac patients round the clock attended by Doctors, PGs, Interns, Staff Nurses.
Dialysis Facilities:
Equipped with the latest sophisticated 14 dialysis equipments. Senior citizen treatment (Geriartric ward was established in VIMS Hospital
Ophthalmology services:

  1. Mobile Ophthalmology Center
  2. Mobile Helipad Emergency
  3. Unit and Eye Bank

Are rendering excellent services with a designated team of specialists.Eye Bank have One Vehicle to collect the eye ball from donors.
There are 5 ambulances are always ready to the needy patients. In case of emergency, services are provided on payment, taking patients to specialisedcenters in Bangalore. The Medical Superintendent may be contacted regarding the same.
Cleaning and security services:
The medical college and hospitals has round the clock security provided by Home Guards and cleaning services provided by private contract.

Blood Bank
VIMS Blood bank is a licensed blood banks in the city and works round the clock. Equipped with latest advanced facilities, it caters to the needs of the hospital encouraging only voluntary and relative (Patients) Donors. But service rendered to outside Nursing Homes, Clinics, Rs.500/- per bottle is charged whether it is voluntary / relative donor. KSAPS provides vehicle for Transport of blood bags from VIMS to needy hospitals.
Facilities available are :

  1. Whole blood
  2. Packed cells
  3. Platelets (random donor platelets)
  4. Fresh frozen plasma
  5. Cryo-precipitate
  6. Irradiated blood
  7. Auto blood transfusion

Blood storage centers
Govt. General hospital, Siruguppa
Govt. General hospital, Hospete
Govt. General hospital, Sandur
Govt. General hospital, Kudligi
Govt. General hospital, HagiriBommenahalli
Govt. General hospital, HuvinaHadagili