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    Domain name ?

  • Domain name is your identity / official address in the Internet, a unique name that a computer can identify from million others. Like a brand name - your domain name is registered with relevant registration authority of Internet. Once registered, no one can have a website with your domain name.
  • Examples of Domain name are yahoo.com, google.com, infobanc.com, abcexpo.biz, cpanel.net, worldbank.org, dilipkumar.name, indianrailway.gov.in etc. Though there are several top level domain names (TLD) like .com .net .org .biz etc. - .com is by far most popular of all TLDs.
  • Registering a domain name is the first task for building your own website. For example - if your company name is 'Excel Garments', you may register your domain as excelgarments.com or excel-garments.com or even excelgarmentsindia.com In addition to .com - you now have option of .biz (i.e. business).
  • Remember - your registration of a domain name is subject to its availability. Like brand name, if the domain name is already registered you have hardly any choice but to look for alternative domain name.

Why Do I Need Domain Name ?
  • The Number One reason is to add credibility to your business. When you have a web site you ARE a business owner. Very few people will ever view your Internet Business as serious without your willingness to take this step to present yourself as a professional. It all boils down to this: "If you are not willing to invest a few dollars in your own business, How serious can you really be?"
  • You are anonymous In the virtual world of cyberspace, often the only mean your customer has to evaluate you is your web-site / e-mail/ communication style. These are your faces to the world - and these must inspire sufficient confidence in your customer to transact business with you or at least take you seriously. This is a marked difference from traditional business and you should be aware of this feature of e-commerce.
  • Money - Increased Sales In reality this is merely a result of increased credibility. Your Internet buyer does not know if you are a large corporation or a housewife working out of a closet in flannel pajamas. What you offer and how it is presented to a buyer IS what makes you successful on the Internet. The buyers perceived impression of your company can ONLY be viewed as professional when you have your Own Domain.
  • You may be well known in your own country but your overseas customer has no way of knowing how true your claims are. The only touchstone he/she has is what you offer by way of web-site, e-mail, offer document etc. You must make sure that they are there and are truly professional looking.
  • Control When you have your Own Domain, YOU are the Master. Should you decide to change web hosts, it's a simple transition. Your URL (Web address will not change). You are no longer required to post someone else's advertising on your site. Search Engines that were not willing to index your Free Page will now accept your listing readily.
  • Professional Looking Communication. With your own domain name and web-site - you can set-up mailboxes that are unique and meaningful. Moreover - e-mails sent from these mailboxes will quickly lead your customer to your web-site resulting in enhancement of your business image. For example, if your domain name is www.indiainfocomm.com - you may set up e-mails like sales@indiainfocomm.com, mail@indiainfocomm.com, info@indiainfocomm.com etc. for specific functional purposes. These give a far more professional look than a free e-mail like indiainfocomm@hotmail.com

How Do I Choose a Good Domain Name ?

  • This is the core - how do you choose a domain name that will serve you for years ? Changing domain name means all the money that you invested in its promotion going down the drain !
  • Let us examine possible factors that go into choosing the right domain name for your site :
  • Meaningfulness
  • Easy to Remember
  • Hard to misspell Your Internet Address (Domain Name) should reflect what you and your web site are all about. This is decidedly the most difficult decision you have to make. Begin by evaluating what you are marketing on your web site. Secondly create a list of possible URLs. Try to keep it as simple as possible or easy to remember. Even a long name is OK, if it reflects your business or what you are trying to present. (For example: A name such as howtoexport.com is a long name but easy to remember and certainly would explain what your site is all about.)
  • The next step is to check on availability. If you think you have come up with the one and only perfect name for your web site, you may find that it has already been taken. Be prepared with several acceptable possibilities then check the availability at whois database. The whois database will give you up to the minute availability of your desired URL.

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